Panama Art

Panama Adventure with Motif - June 2017

Stay tuned for more trip details!

Adventure: Hike the Volcan Baru, White Water raft on a class 5 river, Trek in the cloud forest, Soak in the Hot Springs, Enjoy sea kayaking on a private island, tour the coffee plantation and explore the cangiliones for cliff diving.

Art: Work with the Indigenous Indians of Panama to create a murals in run down schools.

Yoga and Salsa: Yoga in the rain forest is so refreshing and life changing. Center your mind in nature. Salsa dance in local hot spots.

Culture: Explore the festivals of Panama as well as their culture and authentic food.

Sarah: "As owner of the company, I have explored Panama for eight years and lead groups of students to Panama. I have traveled to many places in the world, including Egypt and Panama is by far my favorite place."

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