Motif Gives Back

Scholarships & Service Projects

Motif Paint Events fully supports service learning. In return for your service, you will have the opportunity to earn a scholarship toward professional development, college, or to fund another service learning project. You may complete this project from anywhere in the United States.

STEP 1: Submit a Community Service Project Proposal

The ideal project would involve bringing art to underserved communities including, but not limited to: children, prisoners, terminally ill, PTSD sufferers, and public servants. You might offer community classes at your local church or temple, you might donate your time at an elder care facility, or work with cancer patients in hospitals. We are open to any and all ideas that use art in service of your local community.

  • Minimum project commitment: 20-40 service hours

  • Location: any (ideally your local community)

  • Project start/end date

STEP 2: Our Team will Review Your Application

We are very open to any idea that integrates art and service, so we will review your application with that simple objective. If we feel like this is a worthwhile project, based on the time commitment (on your part), the scope of the project, and the funds available, you’ll be awarded a tuition scholarship pending the successful completion of your project.

STEP 3: You Complete Your Project

If your project was to teach a 3-week course to at-risk teens, step 3 would be to successfully complete (and document) your work. If possible, we’d love to see photos and video documentation as you go to inspire other students to serve in their communities as well.

STEP 4: You Get Funded!

When your project has been completed successfully, you’ll then receive the agreed upon service scholarship ranging from $250 - $500.


Internship Opportunities

The interns will receive hands on experience with planning and supporting the growth of a strategic business unit. Reporting directly to the studio owner, this individual will assist in creating business strategies to improve the market position and financial growth for the business unit. Candidates who are successful in their initial intern position may be offered additional internships and ultimately, full time employment upon graduating.
Virtual unpaid internship/apprenticeship 10 to 15 hours a week for school credit.

Sorry, no phone calls. Please submit a cover letter, resume and references to

Business development intern


  • Working toward a Bachelors or Masters degree

  • Strong researching skills to analyze and propose new business opportunities

  • Ability to create financial business models using Excel

  • Strong writing and communication skills

  • Technical aptitude to learn, leverage and articulate new business technologies

  • Desire to work on projects that span across marketing, sales and operations

  • Must be deadline-oriented with the ability to manage multiple projects at once

  • Ability to work and collaborate across functional teams within a large enterprise

  • Strong knowledge and use of PowerPoint and excel

  • Continuous learning and development

  • Results oriented.

  • This position is from home.

Marketing & PR intern

Intern Primary Responsibilities:

  • Assistance with writing of press releases

  • Creation and maintenance of media lists

  • Distribution and follow up of press releases to targeted media lists

  • Developing and maintaining social media presence to include (but limited to) Twitter, LinkedIn, and Blog site

  • Assistance with development of Blog site story ideas

  • Assistance with production of articles for Blog site and promotion through Twitter social networks

  • Update client database

  • Possible organization of publicity files, including feature catalogs

  • Assistance with development of marketing collateral packages for project pursuits

  • The internship will be working virtually, from home 15 to 20 hours a week

Bookkeeper intern

  • Broad range of responsibilities that include but not limited to light bookkeeping, administrative duties, data entry.

  • Computer Skills necessary (PC format): familiar with Word, Excel and Quickbooks

  • Solid communications skills.

  • Ability to multi-task.

  • Comfortable working in a non-corporate environment

Video Assistant
We are looking for an intern who is interested in creating promotional and documentary videos. The position is for interns who are looking to gain hands-on experience with the everyday workings of using a digital video camera and documenting the life of an artist/designer. This is a great opportunity for students interested in a career in production or communication.
Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Assist with storyboarding.

  • Serve as a production assistant for documentary film.

  • Utilize familiarity with digital video cameras and computer components.

  • Create films for promotional usage.

Multi Media/Publication

We are looking for interns in the field of media and publication in the following areas:
-Social Media
--Web design
Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Research and develop contact lists.

  • Suggest, write and distribute news briefs, newsletters.

  • Create awareness and credibility by promoting Art with a Twist and its classes.

  • Publicize website through online sources.

  • Place stories in the media and social media.

  • Develop creative promotional and PR opportunities.

  • Track media coverage.

  • Research advertising options appropriate for different target markets.

  • Develop contact list and collect relevant advertising materials.

  • Assist in developing message strategy and tactics including copywriting.

  • Make recommendations for media coverage and advertising schedule.

Multi media press design intern should be energetic, organized and possess good writing and communication skills with a strong desire to learn public relations. Interns should have a firm grasp of various media including video, written word, photography, and electronic media forms.

Duties include but are not limited to:
-Drafting press releases to distribute to local and national media outlets.
-Organizing and maintaining press kits.
-Creating specialized media lists.
-Creating unique press kits for distribution.