With the multiple ways to connect digitally with friends and family today, wouldn’t it be nice to find a way to connect in-person again? Sarah Aungst, owner of Motif and a local art teacher for 17 years has found a way to partner with Social Artworking®, a canvas-painting experience that puts the art back into parties.

People are always looking for fun, new ways to enjoy a night out with friends. Social Artworking with Sarah is the answer to that question, providing an interesting and affordable option to entertain friends in your home, bachelorettes at a winery or members of your country club, just to name a few.

The concept of the Social Artworking® program is that an individual or small group will be able to complete their chosen piece within two to three hours including drying time. The Social Artworking® program contains many designs ranging from landscapes and florals to today’s trendiest icons--designs appropriate and fun for everyone.

You select the piece that you would like to paint for your event. All party attendees will be instructed to paint the specific piece that you signed up for. However, customers may feel free to let their inner artist go, and paint the piece uniquely if they choose!

What if you’ve never painted before? Should you still host a Social Artworking party? Absolutely! This is for fun and to help you explore something you may not have tried before. Everyone will learn together, and grow together. The Social Artworking experience was created for people without any painting experience. This truly is “art for everyone.” You will be instructed one step at a time through your painting and we think you will be surprised at what you can do!

Lucky for the individuals that are invited to attend a Social Artworking party, taught by Sarah Aungst, they will have a live, Social Artworking Methodology trained professional to guide their painting path. The Social Artworking Methodology is a revolutionary way for new-to-painting people to learn the terms that are specific to the entire program.

To learn more about Social Artworking®, from the designs to how to book Sarah Aungst for your next event, please text the word “paint” to 27126 or visit us at motifartparty.com. You will be sent information on designs, promotions and locations.